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  • We already have an EAP. How can SPARKX5 help us?
    Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are great for employees that are in distress and require the assistance of licensed professionals. The SPARKX5 program complements your EAP program by now offering your employees a preventive program, so your employees' need to use the EAP is diminished.
  • Can an organisation purchase only one service, instead of the entire program comprising the wellbeing application and the leadership program?"
    Yes. Please book a call with us and so we can better understand your needs.
  • Is the program available only as an annual subscription?
    Our experience has shown that only contineous and persistent action leads to the best results for individuals and organizations. With this in mind, we recommend taking an annual subscription for the Mental Wellbeing application in order to achieve optimum results. The key-notes and the training master-classes can be taken as required based on your company's needs and preferences.
  • Is the program available beyond a one year subscription?
    Absolutely! We update our content on a regular basis to allow you to have a fresh new experience beyond a one year term.
  • Is your program available in English only?
    The SPARKX5 Mental Wellness application is available in English and French, while the key-notes and training masterclasses are available mainly in English, with a few exceptions. Please book a call with us to discuss further your needs.
  • Is the SPARKX5 service available to individuals?
    Not at this time, since we currently only work with organisations. However, if you send us a message with your expressed interest for our services, we will make sure to contact you once this changes.
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